Sanjeev Trivedi

Sanjeev Trivedi
M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry) M.B.A
Vaastu Ratna, Jyotish Bhushan

Sanjeev Trivedi had felt an innate fascination for the mysterious power that ran the clock of this world so well, even as a child. It was towards end of his formal studies that he became certain of the power that governed the affairs on earth. The ancient science of Indian astrology promised to provide a map of the future.

Further to his post graduate studies in chemistry and later management the best of education happened during studies with astrologers of Jaipur in Rajasthan. Being at Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh he distinguished science from the occult; matured his study with the wisdom of Kashi scholars. Even after doing his ‘vaastu ratna’ and ‘jyotish visharad’ he kept capturing the essence while interacting with hundreds of astrologers, palmists, numerologists, tarot readers, occultists and vaastu specialists during the last three decades. He learned the wisdom to hold his tongue till truth alone be spoken. Temptation to run on enchanted by flow of words is a trap for a would-be soothsayer. While there is an element of art involved as demonstrated by the following story, the essence of fortune-telling rests upon scientific calculations.

The young son of a court priest having graduated in the art of Jyotish from Kashi was challenged by the king of his native land to predict what he held in his fist. The king was pleased when the Pandit calculated the object to be metallic, circular and with a round hole. Before he could open his fist to display the golden ring he was holding, the young inexperienced Pandit became a laughing stock by pronouncing the object to be a Chhakki (grindstone).

The calculations have to be perfected but while communicating the facts, their suitability to contemporary reality constitutes the art part of prediction. Experience gained over three decades helps Sanjeev Trivedi to sieve through the many possibilities and narrow down to the relevant ones. This ability helped him to fine-tune his professional career for a smooth upward curve while balancing it with a happy family life. A genuine desire to help earned him a large constellation of friends, many of whom seek his counsel and guidance in times of need. It was such a friend, overwhelmed by the accuracy of his predictions who conferred him the title -- Ath Uvaach (Thus Spake He). And whenever he speaks, haze of incertitude yields to the ray of truth.

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