All readings / predictions are made with sincerest study and intention to provide astrological guidance. No claim towards certitude of any action / situation is forwarded. Guardians should seek advise on behalf of minors.

1. The fact should be borne in mind that all astrological guidelines provided in this site help in the rational process of decision making: they do not replace it. The final responsibility of all decisions lies with the individual.

2. Normally, consultation reports would be sent within the time duration mentioned against each plan. In case of technical / human snag, the user shall confirm with the site by sending birth details through email.

3. Justified queries may be attended to after consultation, but the client may not claim insufficient information once the consultation process is complete. Sample replies should be studied for an idea of what to expect: Vijay Kumar, N. Maya, Udayan Jain

4. This web site uses Javascript and Cookies. Please make sure that your browser supports them and they are enabled. If not, Astrospeech will not be responsible for any erroneous function including payment gateway.

5. Disputes, if any, would be subject to Ahmedabad Jurisdiction, Gujarat, India.

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